Here is what some of my students have to say about my yoga classes. Thank you for the good words.

...I developed a complex but acute spinal problem. My pain was intense and I was coping 24/7 with pain killers and feeling very miserable, internally. I had also tried physical therapy by then without finding many grounds for improvement. Surgery had been removed as an option when it was discovered that I was a high risk case. I had, literally, no place to go. It’s been some months now since I started training with Rajan. He led me through the ‘Asanas’ (exercises), gently, at my own pace and level till I adapted. He is also very observant and thoughtful with his suggestions as he applies the corrections to the postures. His great gifts also stem from the fact that he is very educated (as a Ph.D), knows both the world of science (including modern medicine and drugs) and an ancient system like Yoga, and is able to strike a correlation with both and communicate them in simple but effective terms. My sessions are even now continuing with him as we meet twice a week. During this time, my intake of the medicines has been reduced quite effectively. I have not been able to abolish pain altogether (as the condition is quite serious) but I feel more normal, more well-balanced and more resistant to pain. I feel like the body is toned better (internally and externally) and there is less fatigue.

VM, New Jersey

After attending your yoga classes my body is more flexible now. I no longer suffer from lower back pain. I have also noticed that I fall sick less often now. Your class was the very first time I learned Yoga as it is taught in India. I have attended Yoga classes at work which is much more fast paced. I find holding a posture for sometime as it is done in your class extremely beneficial.

Rupa Mahasamudram, New Jersey

Your yoga classes have noticeably helped me in my immediate post-operative rehabilitation from neuro-surgery. In conjunction with physical therapy, I believe that it played a great role in reducing the strain and soreness from the physical therapy in addition to improving energy levels. I have also noticed that it helps me gain a better sense of self and well-being as I deal with the long-term effects of difficulty attaining consciousness in the morning. By practicing Yoga in the morning, I am now able to fully awaken my body and mind hours before the drugs take effect.

Mr G, New Jersey

Your yoga classes are very beneficial to me. After each class, I feel very relaxed both mentally and physically. It helps a lot to relieve the stress from my body. I used to have back pain quite often, now it’s much less. I wish I can practice more regularly after the class. Thank you for introducing so many different postures in the class and I will try to gain more benefits from the breathing techniques that you taught us.

Amanda, New Jersey

Your classes are very knowledgeable, stress relieving and relaxing. Your style is good because you try to educate us simultaneously. You also pay attention to the special needs of an individual. Like for instance I have been having back pain and during the last two yoga sessions you made sure the class focused on the strengthening exercises and special back stretches.

A student, New Jersey

Your yoga classes have helped me. I can feel the difference in how my body feels more flexible, it helps me relax and feel good overall. I like your teaching style very much. Its nice how you explain all postures and tell us the benefits of all postures.

A student, New Jersey

Attending your class has certainly helped me. I have not done any physical activity for decades. While teaching us, I saw how easily you were able to do all the asanas. I felt I could do the same. You gave me the confidence that I can reverse any physical ailment (especially arthritis) by doing the asanas regularly. You also take pains to ensure that each student does the asana the right way, and, also explaining the proper breathing technique for each asana.

Ranga Padmavijayam, New Jersey

Your classes have helped me to relax, stretch my muscles, relieved my back pain. It has also given me a lot of flexibility. It has also helped my control my weight and manage stress effectively. The pace of your class is just right, the individual attention helps. There is no pressure to master the art of yoga. Beginners can fit right into any class. The cool down period at the end of the class is the perfect way to end the session.

A satisfied yoga disciple
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