My grandmother lived the latter years of her life in the horrible
suspicion that electricity was dripping invisibly all over the house

- James Thurber, My life and Hard Times
Indeed many people live their whole lives like Thurber's grandmother believing something about something without ever getting to know the truth. Yoga is no exception. Ask most people 'what is yoga?' and they will tell you that it is a form of stretching to make you flexible. Far from it. Yoga is about bliss or joy. Yoga is not about being able to become into a pretzel but about attaining the state of happiness. Are you always under the grip of some chronic health problem? Does happiness seem to always evade you? Do you always feel that something is missing in your life inspite of all your material acheivements? If you answered 'Yes' to even one of the above questions, you came to the right place. Yoga is POWERFUL and effective in solving life's problems, not just health related, but ALL kinds of problems.

Yoga is a holistic system known to be in existence since at least 5000 years in India. Most people associate yoga with a system of exercises but yoga is much more than that. For many centuries, yoga was passed on from guru to disciple through direct instruction. Around the year 300 BC a great yogi by the name of Patanjali systematized yoga into a system called Ashtanga Yoga. Patanjali enumerated the system of Ashtanga yoga in his famous work called The Yoga Sutras. The word Ashtanga in Sanskrit means 'eight-limbed'. Ashtanga yoga is an eight-step process that ensures happiness. For details of Ashtanga Yoga click the link What is Yoga.

The aim of this web site is to explain the deeper meaning of yoga, beyond the exercises and postures and also to guide interested persons in starting the practice of yoga. Browse through the pages of this web site to learn more about yoga.

Deep within you there is an image of your good health and happiness. Yoga will connect you to it.

May Yoga lead you to happiness.

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